Beautiful Photos Of Old Ireland

1899. automobile in Galway, Ireland

Sackville Street (now O'Connell Street), Dublin, ca. 1902.
Ruins of Olderfleet Castle, Larne,late 19th Century
A young woman delivering-collecting milk from the Creamery at Kilmeaden in Co. Waterford. 31 May 1928
February 9, 1924. Brand spanking new, and a snip at £360 - this is the Vulcan Demonstration Van. Its chassis could take 20-25 cwt., and it was distributed by B.T. Lambert Ltd., 3 Cornmarket, Dublin.
Travellers’ decorated caravan, County Cork, Ireland, 1954.
Hard at work assembling bicycles at a firm called O'Neill's, 1900.
Burns, Cutler,late 19th Century
The statue of Edmund Burke outside Trinity College Dublin, late 19th Century

Old Photos Of The Day part 6