Old Color Photos Of Texas

 A general view of Amarillo, Texas, March 1943

 Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943
 Boys flying a kite in front of the community center at the FSA camp, Robstown, 1942
 Workers leaving Pennsylvania shipyards, Beaumont, Texas, June 1943
 Working with a sea-plane at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas, August 1942
 Instructor explaining the operation of a parachute to student pilots, Meacham Field, Fort Worth, Texas, Jan 1942
 Boys playing marbles, Robstown, Texas, 1942
 A big house on a Houston street, Texas, May 1943
 A doctor giving a typhoid inoculation at a rural school, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943
Child of a migratory farm laborer in the field during the harvest of the community center's cabbage crop at the FSA labor camp, Robstown, Texas, Jan. 1942
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