Photos of Denver's Streets In The 1970s

 Colfax Avenue, 1972
 A perfect shot of Colfax Avenue (aka "the longest, wickedest street in America") by Bruce McAllister in April of 1972.

Color Photos That Show What Seattle Looked Like in the 1960s

 First Avenue from Yesler, April 1961
 UW fountain rainbow, October 1969
 Union Bay & University, November 1960
 Freeway from Lakeview, July 1963
 University Bank, October 1969
 Pine monorail, April 1968
 Remains of Plymouth, April 1966
 Meany - behind facade, October 1965
 Seattle from helicopter, August 1960
 Freeway 6th & Spring, July 1963
 Freeway fountain, April 1968
 Seneca Street, April 1968
Space Needle view, August 1966