Photos Of Denver During The 1970s

 Colfax Avenue, 1972
 A perfect shot of Colfax Avenue (aka "the longest, wickedest street in America") by Bruce McAllister in April of 1972.

 Plymouth Place by
James O. Milmoe, the winter of 1979.
 Denver's Union Station, 1977
 Woodstock West was held at the University of Denver, May 8, 1970, in the name of peace and freedom.
 Bruce McAllister captured this image of a waterway in Denver for the Environmental Protection Agency back in April of 1972.
Downtown Denver, 1972 by Billy Hathorn
 The National Indian Youth Council holds a demonstration at the Bureau of Indian Affairs office in Denver, in March of 1970.
 the "Silver Flash,"  May 18, 1970.
 Westside Historic District, 1978
Plymouth Place, 1979