Photos That Show Ireland In The Past

 Horse trams at corner of Bachelor's Walk and O'Connell Bridge, Dublin ca. 1890s

 Coal Quay Cork, 1905.
 The sailing ship Adolphine moored at the Custom House in Dublin, with a swivel bridge in the foreground, ca. 1880s
 Mystery Market = Grattan Square, Dungarvan, the late 19th century
 1899. automobile in Galway, Ireland
 Horse-drawn Omnibus, Westmoreland Street, Dublin, the late 19th century
 A murky day on Patrick Street in the Liberties of Dublin, 1898
 Fire Engine No. 9 or Dust Cart no. 9, the late 19th century
 A young woman delivering-collecting milk from the Creamery at Kilmeaden in Co. Waterford. 31 May 1928.
Sackville Street from Carlisle Bridge, the late 19th century