Photos Of St. Louis In The Early 20th Century

Washington Avenue looking east from Seventh Street. Photograph, 1910-15.

Street pavers at work on Compton Avenue north of Meramec. Photograph, 1906.
Northwest corner of Eighth and Pine Streets. Photograph, ca. 1910.
Olive Street looking toward Sarah Street. Photograph, ca. 1910.
Washington Avenue west from Eighth Street, wholesale district. Photograph by George Stark, 1903.
Northeast corner of Third Street and Lucas Avenue. Julius P. Gemmer's Gun Shop stands at 700 Third Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.
Group of men standing in front of the Globe Shaving Parlor at 1015 Carr. Photograph, ca. 1910.
Sidewalk on Olive Street looking west from Seventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.
Intersection of Fifteenth Street and Franklin, looking northwest. Owl Brand Cigar billboard in background. Photograph, ca. 1900.
View of Union Station from Eighteenth and Market Streets. Photograph by A.W. Sanders, 1904.