Beautiful Old Photos of New Zealand

 Auckland Harbour Bridge workers, ca. 1950s.

Vintage Photos of Daily Life in Germany in the 1900s

 Rooftop view in Nürnberg, Germany

Photos That Show Paris In The Early 1930s

 Cheese seller with his goats, Paris, 1930.

Incredible Colorized Photos of Everyday Life in Japan during 1900s

People of Belgium in the 1900s

 The Grand Place in Mons, 1906
 Ostend harbour in 1900.
 At the beach in Blankenberge, 1907.
 Boats and ships in Bruges, 1907.
 Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier, Brussels, 1907.
 Donkeys at the pier in Blankenberge, 1907.
 Square Marguerite, Brussels, ca. 1900s 
 Street in Blankenberge, Belgium, 1907.
Brick-yard at Brussels in 1907.
Ships at Ostend habour, 1907.

Collection Of Photos That Show New York Buildings That No Longer Exist

The Gillender Building was completed in the Financial District in 1897, but stood for only 13 years. It was destroyed in 1910 and replaced by a bigger building that combined its neighboring lot.

Photos Of London During The 1920s And 1930s

 Crowds outside ‘The Newspaper House’, Fleet Street © George Davison Reid.

Photos of Texas during the 1940s

Workers on the Liberator Bombers, Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 1942

Celebrities Arrested for Smoking Weed in the 1960s and 1970s

Beatle John Lennon, right, and companion Yoko Ono are arrested for possesion of marijuana after their flat was raided in London, England, on Oct. 18, 1968. (AP Photo/Boyton)