Photos of LA Restaurants With Wacky Shapes from the past

 This Tail O' The Pup hot dog stand used to be at 300 N. La Cienega Blvd. in West Hollywood.

 Mother Goose Pantry was a restaurant shaped as a Mother Goose shoe and was located at 1951 East Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.
 Airplane Café would sell hamburgers, chili and coffee.
 This was one of six Chili Bowl restaurants, in the shape of an actual bowl. This one was located at 3012 Crenshaw Blvd.
 A fast-food restaurant shaped like a pig in Los Angeles.
 The Hoot Owl Cafe was built in 1926-1927, and Tillie Hattrup ran this refreshment stand for 50 years. Her husband, Roy Hattrup built and designed the cafe. It was torn down in 1979.
 The Igloo, an igloo-shaped ice cream parlor, located at 4302 W. Pico St. This photo was taken on August 12, 1927.
 The Freezer was an ice cream parlor where the building was in the shape of an ice cream maker with a crank. It was located at W. Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.
 Wilshire Coffee Pot restaurant, located at 8601 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, had a giant coffee pot on the top of its building.
 The Toonerville Trolley Sandwich Special's building was an old streetcar. The restaurant was located at 1635 W. Manchester Ave.
 The Tiree Castle residence was built by Alexander McLean, and later became a restaurant in 1935. It was located in Alhambra.
Chicken Boy restaurant located at 450 S. Broadway. The statue now sits on top of Future Studio Design & Gallery in Highland Park.