Photos Of Los Angeles In The 1930s

 Traffic at Seventh and Spring, 1930

Photos of Atlanta International Pop Festival (1970)

Like the Woodstock festival the previous summer, the event was promoted as "three days of peace, love and music." Tickets for the festival were priced at $14. Also like Woodstock, it became an "open event" when the promoter threw open the gates after crowds outside began to tear down the plywood fence that had been erected around the site. An estimated 350,000 to 500,000, and possibly 600,000 people attended. Originally scheduled for July 3 to July 5, 1970, it did not finish until near dawn on the 6th. It was the only successor to the first Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969.

Photos That Show New Orleans In The Early 20th Century

Canal Street, 1910.

Photos That Show What Silicon Valley Looked Like Before It Became A Giant Technology Heartland

Before it was Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara Valley was a land of orchards and farmland. This photo, taken from the top of Mount Hamilton in 1914, shows the wide expanse of the valley.

People of California from the 1960s

Dennis Stock’s remarkable black-and-white photographs are the result of the author’s travels through the unique state of California during the 1960s.

The Oldest Photos of California

 Los Angeles, 1912. College students from USC surveying the area in downtown Los Angeles on Fourth Street.

Photos Of Columbus In The Past

 A peek at High Street, facing north from State Street, taken between 1900 and 1910.

Photos That Show People Of Florida During The 1940s

 Members of the Three-Quarter Century Softball Club: St. Petersburg, Florida, ca. 1947.

Photos Of Denver During The 1970s

 Colfax Avenue, 1972
 A perfect shot of Colfax Avenue (aka "the longest, wickedest street in America") by Bruce McAllister in April of 1972.