Color Photos Of Texas In The 1970s

 A freighter moves slowly up the Houston ship channel as girls fish from the shore, September 1973. Oil derricks are visible in the background. (Blair Pittman/NARA)

Drugstore during the noon hour, May 1973. (Marc St. Gil/NARA)
 Galveston's West Beach on the Gulf Of Mexico draws huge crowds, July 1972. (Blair Pittman/NARA)
Teenagers in drugstore, 1972. (Bob Smith/NARA)
 Off-shore oil wells in Galveston Bay, June 1972. (Blair Pittman/NARA)
 Motorcyclist loading his possessions onto a truck with the help of his friends in Leakey, May 1973. (Marc St. Gil/NARA)
Dune buggy on Stewart Beach on the eastern tip of Galveston Island, July 1972. (Blair Pittman/NARA)