Photos of New York City in the 1970s

 Abandoned piers at Exchange Place in Jersey City and the World Trade Center across the Hudson in Lower Manhattan, April 1975

 A lot of abandoned car chunks of a Triumph Spitfire at Plum Beach near Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, May 1973
 Subway 1973-style with graffiti, March 1973
 The Battery Park City landfill muck, New York, June 1974
 A forlorn old industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, 1974
 A 1960s Ford Galaxie and a battered early 1960s Plymouth Valiant cruise along Canal Street with peeling pavement, 1973
 A homeless man sleeps next to a 50 gallon drum of burning scavenged wood, New York, 1970
 Construction of Independence Plaza North, cobblestoned West Street and Lower Manhattan from under the elevated West Side Highway, New York, June 1973
 Nassau Street looking toward Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, 1976
Independence Plaza North going up in what is now Tribeca in Lower Manhattan, June 1973