Photos Of Pacific Northwest In The 1970s

 Looking east along Alaska's Glen Highway, toward Mount Drum (Elevation 12,002 Feet)(Dennis Cowals/National Archives and Records Administration)

 Looking east along Alaska's Glen Highway, toward Fishing craft crowd the Columbia River between Vancouver, Washington, and the Dalles, Oregon. In the background is Mt. Hood, May 1973. (David Falconer/NARA)ount Drum (Elevation 12,002 Feet)
 Larrabee State Park, near Bellingham, Washington, May, 1973. (Doug Wilson/NARA)
 Port of Seattle freight handling equipment and city skyline, an industrial waste barge under tow to landfill on the Snohomish River estuary. (Doug Wilson/NARA)
 The City of Seattle and Interstate Highway 5, with Elliott Bay at right, seen in June of 1973. (Doug Wilson/NARA)
 Alki Beach on Puget Sound, a favorite resort for residents of Seattle. A child plays at the water's edge while his mother and a friend fish and dig for clams. In background is the Olympic Mountain Range, May 1973. (Doug Wilson/NARA)
 Threshing at Pearson Field, Vancouver, Washington, Goodyear Blimp in background, June 1973. (David Falconer/NARA)
 The gas shortage in the Pacific Northwest during December 1973 had even suited businessmen hitch-hiking in places like Beaverton, Oregon. (David Falconer/NARA)
 Mount Rainer and Tacoma's industrial waterfront, in Washington State, in April of 1973. (Doug Wilson/NARA)
Looking down Southwest Broadway in Portland, Oregon during the energy crisis shows limited lighting on a misty evening, December 1973. (David Falconer/NARA)
Having spent two hours creeping up on them, photographer Dennis Cowals prepares to take pictures of Dall Sheep