Photos of The Danish Resistance Movement in the WWII

Jeanne d’Arc School on fire. Maglekildevej at Frederiksberg. 21st March 1945.

Woman freedom fighter with rifle at the Carlsberg Breweries. May 1945.

Freedom fighters in a German car at The Central Square (Rådhuspladsen) in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.
The police clearing Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen during the strike in 1944.

Children playing freedom fighters. Odinsgade, Copenhagen. May 1945.

Freedom fighters at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

Members of the resistance movement in fight with German soldiers. Flakhaven in Odense. 5th of May 1945.
HIPO inspecting identity cards when people cross Langebro (bridge) in Copenhagen.

Queue outside the butcher in Elsinore. August 1943.
People are burning papers from Dagmarhus (The German head quarter during the occupation). 6th May 1945.
 Freedom fighters at Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.
 Sabotage. People looking at Langebro (bridge) in Copenhagen. 27th March 1945.
 Queue outside a soup kitchen,at Klostertorv in Ålborg 1943.
 Air-raid precaution exercise in Flakhaven in Odense, 1940.
 Books and papers from the German book shop at Frederiksberggade in Copenhagen. 5th May 1945.
May 9th 1945.
 May 5th 1945.
May 4th 1945.