Portland in the Past

SW 5th and Morrison. The back side of Pioneer Courthouse with the wrought iron fencing. Left side of photo is the Meier and Frank building.

 The historic Barbur Block building at 532 S.E. Grand Ave., has been an East Side fixture since 1890. The building started as a mortuary for Edward Holman and was later converted to apartments and a restaurant-tavern. Photo taken 1977.
 Portland police patrolman Eugene Keck works the high crime area of SW 3rd Avenue and Salmon St. Photo shot December 1963.
 Portland, Oregon, during the historic June 1894 flood. The Hallock & McMillan Building, at left, still stands and is the oldest commercial building in the city - having been built when Oregon was still a territory. To the right, the Fechheimer & White Building, also survived. Both are quiet reminders of the former architectural glory that was Front Avenue. Location: west side of Front Ave/Naito Parkway at Oak Street.
 The horses refused to drink from the Skidmore fountain at a scheduled refreshment stop during the Front avenue dedication parade.
The Oregonian building at SW 6th and Alder in the mid 1940's. In 1937, The Morning Oregonian shortened its name to The Oregonian. In 1948, the paper moved to its present location, the Oregonian Building, designed by Pietro Belluschi, located at SW Broadway between Jefferson Street and Columbia.The block was previously home to the William S. Ladd mansion, which had been demolished around 1925. 
 Downtown Portland, circa 1912 at SW 5th and Morrison. On the left edge of the photo is the Pioneer Courthouse. Just to the west of that is The Portland Hotel built in 1890. The cost was $1,000,000 and 4,000,000 bricks were used in it's construction. It stands where Pioneer courthouse square is today. On the right side of the photo where all the people in hats are standing is the old Meier & Frank store. It was a five-story building that took up half a block. Then in 1913 the structure was razed to make way for a new sixteen-story building and Portland's first skyscraper.
 Portland Aerial, downtown. Note parking lot where Portland Hilton Hotel is now. Jackson Tower and Portland Hotel.
Southwest Alder Street, 1927.
Old Port Fest, circa 1978.