Photos That Give A Window Into Chicago's African-American Community in the 1970s

Sidewalk merchandise on Chicago's South Side, June 1973. (John H. White/NARA)

Members of the Kadats of America perform on a Sunday afternoon at a community talent show on the South Side, July 1973. (John H. White/NARA)
Woman selling "Have A Nice Day" balloons on a Chicago South Side street corner at Sox Park Baseball Field, June 1973. (John H. White/NARA)
 Workers pass the time playing checkers on East 35th Street before going to work in Chicago, May 1973. (John H. White/NARA)
 Youths play basketball at Stateway Gardens highrise housing project on the South Side, May 1973. (John H. White/NARA)
 Men pose on a South Side street, May 1974. (John H. White/NARA)
 Abandoned building on 37th And Prairie Street. (John H. White/NARA)
 Artist Ron Blackburn paints an outdoor wall mural at the corner of 33rd and Giles Streets in Chicago, June 1973. (John H. White/NARA)
Street scene on 47th Street, May 1974. (John H. White/NARA)
Sunrise On Lake Michigan With Chicago Shown In The Background.