Color Photos Of Boston In The 1960s

 Boston Naval Shipyard from Customs House Tower, December 1961.

 Tug Betsy Ross and Customs House Tower, Boston, June 1962.
 Castle Island, Boston, June 1962.
 Ross towboat, Northern Avenue, June 1962.
 Orange Line at North Station, Boston, March 1960.
 North End Boston, July 1961.
 Boston waterfront, May 1965.
 Castle Island, South Boston, September 1961.
 Boston in the rain, August 1965.
 Boston from City Square Station in Charlestown, March 1960.
 The Glen Thomas, the Mary-De, the Betsy Ross and ex-PCE900, Boston, June 1962.
 Castle Island, Boston, July 1964.
 Boston, September 1962.
 Urban renewal, Boston, March 1960.
 Boston Naval Shipyard, August 1962.
 Off Atlantic Avenue, Boston, August 1960.