Color Photos That Show People of Texas in the 1970s

 Motorcyclist Stops to Talk with Friends 05/1973.

 Mayor Casey in the Truck That Is His Traveling "Office." He Uses the Doors for His "Files." 06/1972.
 Swimming in Polluted Lake Charles. Olin-Mathieson Plant in Background 06/1972.
 Workers  at a Cedar Mill 12/1973.
 Store Owners, 07/1972.
 City Street Car, 07/1972.
 Main Street of Leakey, 11/1972.
 Sheared Sheep on a Ranch  05/1973.
 Deer Hunters Drink and Play Poker While Waiting for Wild Deer. The Hunters Have Built a Permanent Camp to Which They Return Each Year, 11/1972.
 Deer Hunters Prepare Their Evening Meal at the Permanent Camp They Have Constructed near Wild Deer Feeding Places.  11/1972.
 Father and Son Who Own One of the Ranches Watch as Sheep Are Sheared, 05/1973.
 Miss Junior Texas Shown with Friends in Leakey, Texas, Her Home Town, near San Antonio, 05/1973.
 Woodrow Wilson, One of Leakey's Local Characters, in His Pickup. He Never Works, But Sits Staring at the River from 7 A.M until Sunset 06/1972.
Pizza Place 05/1973.